A Sequence whose elements consist of those in a Base Sequence passed through a transform function returning Element. These elements are computed lazily, each time they’re read, by calling the transform function on a base element.

    @frozen struct LazyMapSequence<Base, Element> where Base : Sequence



    • typealias Elements

      A Sequence that can contain the same elements as this one, possibly with a simpler type.

    • typealias Index

      A type that represents a position in the collection.

    • typealias Indices

      A type that represents the indices that are valid for subscripting the collection, in ascending order.

    • typealias SubSequence

      A collection representing a contiguous subrange of this collection’s elements. The subsequence shares indices with the original collection.

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    • struct Iterator

      A type that provides the sequence’s iteration interface and encapsulates its iteration state.

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