1. 1.0.2
    Instance MethodSwiftAtomicsSwift


    Returns true if this value is a multiple of the given value, and false otherwise.

    func isMultiple(of other: Self) -> Bool



    The value to test.


    For two integers a and b, a is a multiple of b if there exists a third integer q such that a = q*b. For example, 6 is a multiple of 3 because 6 = 2*3. Zero is a multiple of everything because 0 = 0*x for any integer x.

    Two edge cases are worth particular attention:

    • x.isMultiple(of: 0) is true if x is zero and false otherwise.

    • T.min.isMultiple(of: -1) is true for signed integer T, even though the quotient T.min / -1 isn’t representable in type T.