Creates a new instance from the given integer.

    init<T>(_ source: T) where T : BinaryInteger



    A value to convert to this type of integer. The value passed as source must be representable in this type.


    Use this initializer to convert from another integer type when you know the value is within the bounds of this type. Passing a value that can’t be represented in this type results in a runtime error.

    In the following example, the constant y is successfully created from x, an Int instance with a value of 100. Because the Int8 type can represent 127 at maximum, the attempt to create z with a value of 1000 results in a runtime error.

    let x = 100
    let y = Int8(x)
    // y == 100
    let z = Int8(x * 10)
    // Error: Not enough bits to represent the given value