• func cNodeLayoutHash() -> Int

      Computes a hash value that describes the layout of all C nodes which are passed as opaque values between SwiftSyntaxParser and SwiftSyntax. This should match the value returned by the cNodeLayoutHash function in the SwiftSyntax module.


    • enum FixIt

      A FixIt represents a change to source code in order to “correct” a diagnostic.

    • enum ParserError

      A list of possible errors that could be encountered while parsing a Syntax tree.

    • enum SyntaxParser

      Namespace for functions to parse swift source and retrieve a syntax tree.


    • struct Diagnostic

      A Diagnostic message that can be emitted regarding some piece of code.

    • struct Note

      A Note attached to a Diagnostic. This provides more context for a specific error, and optionally allows for FixIts.