import NIOWebSocket





    • class NIOWebSocketClientUpgrader

      A HTTPClientProtocolUpgrader that knows how to do the WebSocket upgrade dance.

    • class NIOWebSocketFrameAggregator

      NIOWebSocketFrameAggregator buffers inbound fragmented WebSocketFrame’s and aggregates them into a single WebSocketFrame. It guarantees that a WebSocketFrame with an opcode of .continuation is never forwarded. Frames which are not fragmented are just forwarded without any processing. Fragmented frames are unmasked, concatenated and forwarded as a new WebSocketFrame which is either a .binary or .text frame. extensionData, rsv1, rsv2 and rsv3 are lost if a frame is fragmented because they cannot be concatenated.

    • class NIOWebSocketServerUpgrader

      A HTTPServerProtocolUpgrader that knows how to do the WebSocket upgrade dance.

    • class WebSocketFrameDecoder

      An inbound ChannelHandler that deserializes websocket frames into a structured format for further processing.

    • class WebSocketFrameEncoder

      An inbound ChannelHandler that serializes structured websocket frames into a byte stream for sending on the network.

    • class WebSocketProtocolErrorHandler

      A simple ChannelHandler that catches protocol errors emitted by the WebSocketFrameDecoder and automatically generates protocol error responses.

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