• class ClientBootstrap

      A ClientBootstrap is an easy way to bootstrap a SocketChannel when creating network clients.

    • class DatagramBootstrap

      A DatagramBootstrap is an easy way to bootstrap a DatagramChannel when creating datagram clients and servers.

    • class MultiThreadedEventLoopGroup

      An EventLoopGroup which will create multiple EventLoops, each tied to its own NIOThread.

    • class NIOPipeBootstrap

      A NIOPipeBootstrap is an easy way to bootstrap a PipeChannel which uses two (uni-directional) UNIX pipes and makes a Channel out of them.

    • class NIOThreadPool

      A thread pool that should be used if some (kernel thread) blocking work needs to be performed for which no non-blocking API exists.

    • class ServerBootstrap

      A ServerBootstrap is an easy way to bootstrap a ServerSocketChannel when creating network servers.

    • class ThreadSpecificVariable

      A ThreadSpecificVariable is a variable that can be read and set like a normal variable except that it holds different variables per thread.


    Removed Members


    • struct NIOFailedToSetSocketNonBlockingError

      NIOFailedToSetSocketNonBlockingError indicates that NIO was unable to set a socket to non-blocking mode, either when connecting a socket as a client or when accepting a socket as a server.