1. 0.3.0
    2. 0.2.2


    A JSON variant value. This value may contain a fragment, an array, or an object.

    enum JSON


    You can parse JSON from any Collection of UTF-8 data using the init(parsing:) initializer. For example, you can parse from a (sub)string via its UTF8View.

    let json:JSON = try .init(parsing: "{\"hello\": \"world\"}".utf8)

    All instances of this type, including number(_:) instances, can be round-tripped losslessly, as long as the initial encoding is performed by swift-json.

    As of version 0.3.0, re-encoding a swift-json-encoded message is guaranteed to produce bytewise-identical output.

    When re-encoding arbitrary JSON, the implementation makes a reasonable effort to preserve features of the original input. It will not re-order object fields, strip explicit null values, or convert decimals to floating point. The parser does not preserve structural whitespace.

    The implementation guarantees canonical equivalence when re-encoding values, but it may not preserve the exact expressions used to represent them. For example, it will normalize the escape sequences in "6\\/14\\/1946" to "6/14/1946", because the escaped forward-slashes (/) are non-canonical.

    Decoding with Codable

    JSON implements Decoder, so you can use it with any type that conforms to Decodable.

    Decoding with high-performance APIs

    The standard library’s decoding system suffers from inherent inefficiencies due to how it is defined. The recommended way to decode JSON is to use its LintingDictionary API, alongside this module’s Array extensions.

    Most of swift-json’s linting and array APIs take closure arguments. You should perform decoding subtasks inside the closure bodies in order to take full advantage of the library’s error reporting.

    These APIs are low-cost abstractions that only incur overhead when decoding fails. They can be significantly faster than the standard library’s Decoder hooks, and only slightly more verbose than an equivalent Decodable implementation.


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    • enum Base10

      A namespace for decimal-related functionality.

    • enum PrimitiveError

      A primitive decoding operation failed.

    • enum RecursiveError

      An error occurred while performing a decoding operation on an element of an array or object.

    • enum Rule

      All of the parsing rules in this library are defined at the UTF-8 level.


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