Type MethodConcurrency


    Runs the given throwing operation asynchronously as part of a new top-level task.

    • iOS 13.0+
    • macOS 10.15+
    • tvOS 13.0+
    • watchOS 6.0+
    @discardableResult static func detached(priority: TaskPriority? = nil, operation: @escaping () async throws -> Success) -> Task<Success, Failure>



    The priority of the task.


    The operation to perform.


    A reference to the task.


    If the operation throws an error, this method propagates that error.

    Don’t use a detached task if it’s possible to model the operation using structured concurrency features like child tasks. Child tasks inherit the parent task’s priority and task-local storage, and canceling a parent task automatically cancels all of its child tasks. You need to handle these considerations manually with a detached task.

    You need to keep a reference to the detached task if you want to cancel it by calling the Task.cancel() method. Discarding your reference to a detached task doesn’t implicitly cancel that task, it only makes it impossible for you to explicitly cancel the task.