Open ClassFoundationNetworking5.9.0


    Configuration options for an URLSession.

    class URLSessionConfiguration

    When a session is created, a copy of the configuration object is made - you cannot modify the configuration of a session after it has been created.

    The shared session uses the global singleton credential, cache and cookie storage objects.

    An ephemeral session has no persistent disk storage for cookies, cache or credentials.

    A background session can be used to perform networking operations on behalf of a suspended application, within certain constraints.


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    • protocol CustomDebugStringConvertible

      A type with a customized textual representation suitable for debugging purposes.

    • protocol CustomStringConvertible

      A type with a customized textual representation.

    • protocol Equatable

      A type that can be compared for value equality.

    • protocol Hashable

      A type that can be hashed into a Hasher to produce an integer hash value.

    • protocol NSCopying

      The NSCopying protocol declares a method for providing functional copies of an object. The exact meaning of “copy” can vary from class to class, but a copy must be a functionally independent object with values identical to the original at the time the copy was made.

    • protocol NSObjectProtocol

      The NSObjectProtocol groups methods that are fundamental to all Foundation objects.