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    An NSURLRequest object represents a URL load request in a manner independent of protocol and URL scheme.

    class NSURLRequest

    NSURLRequest encapsulates basic data elements about a URL load request.

    In addition, NSURLRequest is designed to be extended to support protocol-specific data by adding categories to access a property object provided in an interface targeted at protocol implementors.

    Protocol implementors should direct their attention to the NSURLRequestExtensibility category on NSURLRequest for more information on how to provide extensions on NSURLRequest to support protocol-specific request information.

    Clients of this API who wish to create NSURLRequest objects to load URL content should consult the protocol-specific NSURLRequest categories that are available. The NSHTTPURLRequest category on NSURLRequest is an example.

    Objects of this class are used with the URLSession API to perform the load of a URL.


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    • protocol CustomDebugStringConvertible

      A type with a customized textual representation suitable for debugging purposes.

    • protocol CustomStringConvertible

      A type with a customized textual representation.

    • protocol Equatable

      A type that can be compared for value equality.

    • protocol Hashable

      A type that can be hashed into a Hasher to produce an integer hash value.

    • protocol NSCoding

      The NSCoding protocol declares the two methods that a class must implement so that instances of that class can be encoded and decoded. This capability provides the basis for archiving (where objects and other structures are stored on disk) and distribution (where objects are copied to different address spaces).

    • protocol NSCopying

      The NSCopying protocol declares a method for providing functional copies of an object. The exact meaning of “copy” can vary from class to class, but a copy must be a functionally independent object with values identical to the original at the time the copy was made.

    • protocol NSMutableCopying

      The NSMutableCopying protocol declares a method for providing mutable copies of an object. Only classes that define an “immutable vs. mutable” distinction should adopt this protocol. Classes that don’t define such a distinction should adopt NSCopying instead.

    • protocol NSObjectProtocol

      The NSObjectProtocol groups methods that are fundamental to all Foundation objects.

    • protocol NSSecureCoding

      Conforming to the NSSecureCoding protocol indicates that an object handles encoding and decoding instances of itself in a manner that is robust against object substitution attacks.



    • class NSMutableURLRequest

      An NSMutableURLRequest object represents a mutable URL load request in a manner independent of protocol and URL scheme.